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Heritage and Landscape

inc World Premiere recordings

Various orchestras including the Philharmonia Orchestra, Paul Lewis



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Lewis, P: Heritage Suite

Work length4:34
  • Midland Philharmonic Orchestra

I. Cutty Sark

Track length2:16

II. Cornish Express

Track length2:18

Lewis, P: Heritage Suite III. Fountains Abbey

Work length2:45
  • Midland Philharmonic Orchestra

Lewis, P: Heritage Suite IV. Heritage March

Work length3:19
  • Midland Philharmonic Orchestra

Lewis, P: English Country Pictures

Work length13:01
  • Philharmonia Orchestra

I. Country Life

Track length2:43

II. Morning Hedgerows

Track length2:54

III. Fields and Rivers

Track length2:45

IV. Lakeside Air

Track length2:12

V. Evening Song

Track length2:27

Lewis, P: Sussex Variations

Work length14:59
  • Belgian Symphony Orchestra

I. Downland Sunrise

Track length1:18

II. Camber Sands

Track length2:50

III. Cuckmere Haven

Track length1:58

IV. Cottage Gardens

Track length1:35

V. Fairlight Glen

Track length2:23

VI. Merrily to Market

Track length1:52

VII. Village Fair

Track length1:58

VIII. Sussex Farewell

Track length1:05

Lewis, P: An English Overture

Work length4:52
  • Belgian Symphony Orchestra

Lewis, P: An English Fieldscape

Work length10:36
  • Studio Chamber Orchestra

I. Morning Mist

Track length2:07

II. Spring Flowers

Track length2:01

III. Field Mice

Track length2:25

IV. March Hare

Track length1:25

V. Snowplay

Track length2:38

Lewis, P: Festival Of London March

Work length4:04
  • Paris Studio Symphony Orchestra

Lewis, P: Seasonal Variations

Work length4:20
  • Philharmonia Orchestra

I. Spring Joy

Track length1:03

II. Summer Warmth

Track length1:01

III. Autumn Sorrow

Track length1:08

IV. Winter Chill

Track length1:08

Lewis, P: Battle over Britain

Work length10:21
  • Midland Philharmonic Orchestra