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Panorama 1919 -2013

A Century of British Keyboard Music

Penelope Cave (harpsichord)



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Delius: Dance for Harpscichord

Work length3:11
  • Penelope Cave

Holst: A Piece for Yvonne

Work length1:14
  • Penelope Cave

Howells: Lambert's Clavichord

Work length6:54
  • Penelope Cave

I. Lambert's Fireside

Track length1:44

II. Fellowes's Delight

Track length2:11

III. Sargent's Fantastic Sprite

Track length1:30

IV. Hughes's Ballet

Track length1:29

Anthony Chaplin: Bouree for Harpsichord

Work length2:23
  • Penelope Cave

Herbert Murrill: Suite française

Work length10:59
  • Penelope Cave

Prélude et fughette

Track length2:24

Air gai

Track length1:42

Air sérieux

Track length2:56

Air champêtre

Track length1:42


Track length2:15

Bax: Dance from the Golden Eagle

Work length1:36
  • Penelope Cave

Bush, G: Three Dance Variations

Work length7:50
  • Penelope Cave

Thomas Baron Pitfield: Toccatina (The Birds)

Work length2:58
  • Penelope Cave

Dodgson: Set 2

Work length5:56
  • Penelope Cave

Invention 5

Track length3:36

Invention 6

Track length2:20

Bullard, A: Air and Gigue, Pt. 1

Work length1:28
  • Penelope Cave

Bullard, A: Air and Gigue, Pt. 2

Work length1:28
  • Penelope Cave

Gould, J: Fun'F, Airs for Harpsichord

Work length4:17
  • Penelope Cave

I. Parrot on a Tuning Note

Track length2:04

II. A Match for the Devil

Track length2:13

Davies, Peter Maxwell: Yellow Cake Review

Work length5:53
  • Penelope Cave

I. Farewell to Stromness

Track length4:01

II. Yesnaby Ground

Track length1:52

Head, R: Le mystère

Work length2:27
  • Penelope Cave

Head, R: Le rappel de l'humanité

Work length3:23
  • Penelope Cave

Head, R: Sema mevlana

Work length3:46
  • Penelope Cave

Hand, C: Delius's Disappointment

Work length2:28
  • Penelope Cave

Head, R: Le panorama en rondeau

Work length4:23
  • Penelope Cave