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Alec Roth: A Time to Dance

 Offer,Alec Roth: A Time to Dance

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Grace Davidson (soprano), Matthew Venner (countertenor), Samuel Boden (tenor), Greg Skidmore (bass), Tim Harper (organ)

Ex Cathedra, Jeffrey Skidmore

A strong quartet of soloists move through the seasons…[and] all come together with the massed forces of Ex Cathedra (on typically fine form) for a stately Globe-style jig, bringing this immensely... More…


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Roth, A: A Time to Dance

01. Processional

02. Prologue

03. Awake

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04. Infant Joy

05. Dancing On The Hill-Tops

06. Dance There

07. Nothing Is So Beautiful

08. Let Them Love

09. In Summer's Heat

10. A Something

11. Thirsty Fly

12. Little Fly

13. Come, Let Us Go

14. Give All To Love

15. O Autumn

16. Humdrum

17. Autumnal

18. Fall, Leaves, Fall

19. The Evening Star

20. Deep Midnight

21. Snowflakes

22. Dregs

23. A Glee For Winter

24. Lights Out

25. Epilogue

26. After-Dance

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Roth, A: Magnificat and Nunc dimittis 'Hatfield Service'

1. Magnificat

2. Nunc Dimittis

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