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Berg & Messiaen: Chamber Works

Recorded in 1988

Eduard Bruner (clarinet) & Vassily Lobanov (piano), Natalia Gutman (cello) & Oleg Kagan (violin)



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Berg: Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 5

Work length7:12
  • Vasily Lobanov, Eduard Brunner

I. Mäßig

Track length1:22

II. Sehr langsam

Track length1:50

III. Sehr rasch

Track length1:01

IV. Langsam

Track length2:59

Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps

Work length48:15
  • Vasily Lobanov, Natalia Gutman, Eduard Brunner, Oleg Kagan

I. Crystal Liturgy

Track length2:52

II. Vocalise, for the Angel who Announces the end of Time

Track length5:39

III. Abyss of Birds

Track length7:13

IV. Interlude

Track length1:38

V. Praise to the Eternity of Jesus

Track length10:03

VI. Dance of Fury, for the Seven Trumpets

Track length6:24

VII. "Tangle of rainbows, for the Angel who Announces the End of Time

Track length7:22

VIII. Praise to the Immortality of Jesus

Track length7:04