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Beethoven: Cello Sonatas

Beethoven: Cello Sonatas

Steven Isserlis (cello) & Robert Levin (fortepiano)

This set contains of the finest Beethoven performances you are likely to hear. Steven Isserlis is on blazing form: every note lives, every movement is characterised with infectious relish; his... More…

2 CDs


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Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 1 in F major, Op. 5 No. 1

1. Adagio Sostenuto

2. Allegro

3. Allegro Vivace

Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 2 in G minor, Op. 5 No. 2

1. Adagio Sostenuto & Espressivo

2. Allegro Molto Più Tosto Presto

3. Rondo: Allegro

Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 3 in A major, Op. 69

1. Allegro, Ma Non Tanto

2. Scherzo: Allegro Molto

3. Adagio Cantabile

4. Allegro Vivace

Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 4 in C major, Op. 102 No. 1

1. Andante

2. Allegro Vivace

3. Adagio; Tempo D'Andante

4. Allegro Vivace

Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 5 in D major, Op. 102 No. 2

1. Allegro Con Brio

2. Adagio Con Molto Sentimento D'Affetto

3. Allegro; Allegro Fugato

Beethoven: Variations (12) on "See the conquering hero comes" for Cello and Piano, WoO 45

Variations In G On See The Conqu'ring Hero Comes, WoO 45

Beethoven: Variations (12) on "Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen" for Cello and Piano, Op. 66

Variations In F On Ein Mädchen Oder Weibchen, Op. 66

Beethoven: Variations (7) on "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen", for Cello and Piano, WoO 46

Variations In E Flat On Bei Männern, Welche Liebe Fühlen, WoO 46

Beethoven: Horn Sonata in F major, Op. 17

1. Allegro Moderato

2. Poco Adagio, Quasi Andante

3. Rondo: Allegro Moderato