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Busoni: Late Piano Music

Busoni: Late Piano Music

Marc-André Hamelin (piano)

the performances...are all you could hope from a player of such quality, faced with repertoire he might have been born to interpret. This is playing of a very high order, such seldom... More…

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Busoni: Elegies, BV249

1. Nach der Wendung (Recueillement)

2. All'Italia! (In Modo Napolitano)

3. Meine Seele bangt und hofft zu dir (Choralvorspiel)

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4. Turandots Frauengemach (Intermezzo)

5. Die Nächtlichen (Walzer)

6. Erscheinung (Notturno)

7. Berceuse

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Busoni: Nuit de Noël

Nuit de Noël, BV 251

Busoni: Fantasia nach J S Bach

Fantasia after J S Bach, BV 253

Busoni: Canonic Variations and Fugue, BVB40

Busoni: Giga, Bolero e Variazione (1909) from An die Jugend

An die Jugend, BV 254 - 3. Giga, Bolero & Variazione

Busoni: Sonatina Seconda (1912)

Sonatina Seconda, BV 259

Busoni: Sonatina, BV257

Busoni: Sonatina No. 3: ad usum infantis

1. Molto tranquillo

2. Andantino melancolico

3. Vivace (Alla marcia)

4. Molto tranquillo

5. Polonaise (Un poco cerimonioso)

Busoni: Sonatina No. 5: in diem nativitatis Christi MCMXVII

Sonatina, BV 274, "In Diem Nativitatis Christi MCMXVII"

Busoni: Sonatina brevis 'in signo Joannis Sebastiani Magni' BV280

Sonatina Brevis, BV 280, "In Signo Joannis Sebastiani Magni"

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Busoni: Sonatina No. 6 (Chamber Fantasy on Themes from Bizet's Carmen)

Kammer-Fantasie Über Carmen, BV 284

Busoni: Indianisches Erntelied

Busoni: Indianische Tagebuch, Book 1 (Indian Diary), K 267

1. Allegretto affettuoso, un poco agitato

2. Vivace

3. Andante

4. Maestoso ma andando

Busoni: Albumblätter, K289 - Berlin

1. Andantino sostenuto

2. Andante

3. Sostenuto Religioso (In the Style of a Chorale Prelude)

Busoni: Toccata 'Preludio, Fantasia, Ciaccona' BV287

Toccata, BV 287, "Preludio, Fantasia, Ciaccona"

Busoni: Prologo, BV279

Busoni: Klavierübung, 1925

Preludio (Allegro Festivo)

Preludio Without the Third Finger (Moderato alla breve)

Veloce & Leggiero

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Vivace moderato, con precisione

Variations-Studie nach Mozart No.1

Motive (Allegro risoluto)


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Busoni: Nine Variations on Chopin Prelude in C minor, Op. 22

9 Variations on a Chopin Prelude, BV 213a

Busoni: Seven Short Pieces for the Cultivation of Polyphonic Playing BV296

1. Preludietto: Allegro

2. Sostenuto; Poco più andante

3. Andante molto tranquillo & Legato

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4. Allegro

5. Preludio: Andante tranquillo

6. Nach Mozart: Adagio

7. With the use of the 3rd Pedal: Andantino tranquillo

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Busoni: Perpetuum mobile

Perpetuum Mobile, BV 293

Busoni: Prelude & Etude en arpeges

1. Prélude: Arioso-Volante ma tranquillo

2. Étude: Allegro

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