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 Offer,Viktor Kalabis: Symphonies and Concertos

Petr Škvor (violin), Miroslav Kejmar (trumpet), Zuzana Růžičková (harpsichord), Josef Suk (violin), Milan Langer (piano), Jiří Formáček (bassoon)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic Wind Ensemble,...

this excellent collection, despite the variable age and quality of some recordings, will do very nicely in bringing [Kalabis's] name before a wider audience More…
  • Gramophone Magazine
    July 2013
    Re-issue of the Month

3 CDs

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Kalabis: Symphony No. 2, Op. 18 "Sinfonia pacis"

Work length27:54
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Zdenek Kosler

I. Andante moderato

Track length8:07

II. Allegro molto e drammatico

Track length7:30

III. Andante, molto quieto

Track length6:39

IV. Allegro comodo e giocoso

Track length5:38

Kalabis: Concerto No. 1, Op. 17

Work length21:42
  • Petr Škvor
  • Prague Symphony Orchestra
  • Viktor Kalabis

I. Maestoso - Andante

Track length8:28

II. Andante angoscioso - Quasi adagio

Track length6:45

III. Allegro vivace

Track length6:29

Kalabis: Symphonic Variations, Op. 24

Work length12:59
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Václav Neumann

Kalabis: Concerto for Large Orchestra, Op.25

Work length28:30
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Ladislav Slovák

I. Allegro

Track length6:00

II. Adagio

Track length6:55

III. Allegro assai

Track length7:28

IV. Allegro vivo

Track length8:07

Kalabis: Symphony No. 3, Op. 33

Work length26:14
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Jiří Bělohlávek

I. Molto moderato

Track length8:07

II. Allegro molto drammatico

Track length10:44

III. Adagio molto e quieto

Track length7:23

Kalabis: Concerto, Op. 36 "Le tambour de villevieille"

Work length18:00
  • Miroslav Kejmar
  • Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Miloš Konvalinka

I. Allegretto moderato

Track length6:15

II. Andante - Vivo - Andante - Allegro vivo

Track length11:45

Kalabis: Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings, Op. 42

Work length27:32
  • Zuzana Růžičková
  • Prague Chamber Orchestra
  • Viktor Kalabis

I. Allegro leggiero

Track length8:16

II. Andante

Track length8:35

III. Allegro vivo

Track length10:41

Kalabis: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2, Op. 49

Work length15:23
  • Josef Suk
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Wolfgang Sawallisch

Kalabis: Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments, Op.64: I. Allegro vivo - Andante - Poco vivo

Work length22:19
  • Milan Langer
  • Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Tomáš Koutník

Kalabis: Concertino for Basson and Wind Instruments, Op. 61

Work length12:38
  • Jiří Formáček
  • Czech Philharmonic Wind Ensemble
  • Miloš Formáček