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Sondheim: Sweeney Todd

Mark Stone (Sweeney Todd), Jane Henschel (Nellie Lovett), Adrian Dwyer (Beadle Bamford), Ronald Samm (Adolfo Pirelli), Pascal Charbonneau (Tobias Ragg), Rebecca Bottone (Joanna), Jonathan Best (Judge Turpin), Diana DiMarzio (Lucy Barker) & Gregg Baker (Anthony)

Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks...

2 CDs


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Sweeney Todd

Work length2:03:42
  • Adrian Dwyer (tenor), Ronald Samm (tenor), Pascal Charbonneau (tenor), Rebecca Bottone (soprano), Mark Stone (tenor), Jonathan Best (bass), Jane Henschel (mezzo-soprano), Diana DiMarzio (soprano), Gregg Baker (baritone)
  • Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Munich Radio Orchestra
  • Ulf Schirmer
  • Recorded: 6 May 2012
  • Recording Venue: Prince Regent Theatre, Munich

Act I: Prologue: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (Todd, Company)

Track length2:45

Act I: No Place Like London (Anthony, Todd, Beggar Woman)

Track length7:07

Act I: The Worst Pies in London (Mrs. Lovett)

Track length3:20

Act I: Poor Thing (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)

Track length5:31

Act I: My Friends (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)

Track length3:55

Act I: Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Johanna)

Track length2:49

Act I: Ah, Miss (Anthony, Johanna, Beggar Woman)

Track length2:25

Act I: Johanna (Anthony, Judge, Johanna)

Track length3:18

Act I: Pirelli's Miracle Elixir (Tobias, Crowd, Todd, Mrs. Lovett) - Pirelli's Entrance (Pirelli)

Track length5:11

Act I: The Contest (Beadle, Pirelli, Mrs. Lovett, Tobias, Todd) - The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (Company)

Track length3:55

Act I: Johanna (Judge)

Track length3:43

Act I: Wait (Beggar Woman, Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Anthony, Pirelli)

Track length5:58

Act I: Pirelli's Death (Pirelli)

Track length0:26

Act I: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (3 Tenors)

Track length0:46

Act I: Kiss Me (Part I) (Johanna, Anthony)

Track length1:34

Act I: Ladies In Their Sensitivities (Beadle, Judge)

Track length2:11

Act I: Kiss Me (Part II) (Beadle, Johanna, Anthony, Judge)

Track length1:38

Act I: Pretty Woman (Todd, Judge, Anthony)

Track length5:01

Act I: Epiphany (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)

Track length3:39

Act I: A Little Priest (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)

Track length7:43

Act II: God, That's Good! (Tobias, Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Company)

Track length6:25

Act II: Joahnna (Anthony, Todd, Johanna, Beggar Woman) - Sequence (Mrs. Lovett)

Track length6:28

Act II: By The Sea (Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Anthony)

Track length4:15

Act II: Wigmaker Sequence (Todd, Mrs. Lovett, Anthony, Quintet)

Track length1:56

Act II: The Letter (Quintet, Tobias, Mrs. Lovett)

Track length3:20

Act II: Not While I'm Around (Tobias, Mrs. Lovett)

Track length4:57

Act II: Parlor Songs (Beadle, Mrs. Lovett, Tobias)

Track length5:09

Act II: Fogg's Asylum - Fogg's Passacaglia (Company)

Track length1:10

Act II: City On Fire (Lunatics, Johanna)

Track length0:41

Act II: Searching (Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Lunatics, Beggar Woman, Anthony)

Track length5:27

Act II: Judge's Return (Todd, Judge)

Track length3:37

Act II: Final Scene (Part I) (Todd, Mrs. Lovett, Tobias)

Track length4:21

Act II: Final Scene (Part II) (Company)

Track length3:01