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Lawson Trio: The Long Way Home

Lawson Trio: Annabelle Lawson (piano), Fenella Humphreys (violin) & Rebecca Knight (cello)

This is a brave debut from the Lawson Trio, but a wise one. Not just formidable young musicians, they are questing spirits who have shown a rare commitment to the creation of new music, so it's... More…



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Knotts: The Long Way Home

Work length12:01
  • Lawson Trio

I. Allegretto

Track length6:25

II. Largo - Tenderly

Track length5:36

Reeves, C: The Dead Broke Blues Break, Piano Trio No. 2

Work length12:50
  • Lawson Trio

Powers, A: Piano Trio

Work length18:32
  • Lawson Trio

I. —

Track length4:39

II. The Lover's Ghost

Track length2:38

III. Ratcliffe Highway

Track length2:07

IV. The Trees They Grow so High

Track length4:49

V. —

Track length4:19

Turnage: A Fast Stomp

Work length10:39
  • Lawson Trio

Frances-Hoad: Five Rackets for Trio Relay

Work length17:08
  • Lawson Trio

I. Archery and Curling

Track length3:48

II. Ping Pong, Table Tennis and Wiff Waff

Track length2:44

III. Sailing

Track length4:58

IV. Boxing

Track length1:51

V. Marathon, Relay, Walk, Sprint!

Track length3:47