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Music for flute, harpsichord and continuo by CPE Bach & Telemann

La Fontegara - Mexico



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Bach, C P E: Sonata in G major

Work length10:42
  • La Fontegara

I. Adagio

Track length3:13

II. Allegro

Track length4:11

III. Vivace

Track length3:18

Telemann: Concert VI in A Minor

Work length10:51
  • La Fontegara

I. Andante

Track length3:05

II. Allegro

Track length2:09

III. Largo

Track length2:37

IV. Allegro assai

Track length3:00

Bach, C P E: Fantasia in F Major (for Solo Harpsichord)

Work length4:26
  • La Fontegara

Telemann: Trio Sonata in B-Flat Major

Work length7:56
  • La Fontegara

I. Dolce

Track length2:10

II. Vivace

Track length1:43

III. Siciliana

Track length2:17

IV. Vivace

Track length1:46

Telemann: Concert V in B Minor

Work length10:25
  • La Fontegara

I. Adagio

Track length2:30

II. Vivace

Track length3:22

III. Gratioso

Track length1:58

IV. Presto

Track length2:35

Bach, C P E: Twelve Variationen über die Folie d'Espagne, Wq118 / 9 / H263

Work length8:00
  • La Fontegara

Bach, C P E: Sonata in D Major

Work length7:57
  • La Fontegara

I. Adagio

Track length3:14

II. Allegro

Track length2:39

III. Vivace

Track length2:04