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Gilbert & Sullivan: The Mikado

Donald Adams, Thomas Round, Peter Pratt & Jean Hindmarsh

Pro Arte Orchestra, D’Oyly Carte Opera Company & The New Symphony Orchestra of London, Boston Promenade Orchestra, John Hollingsworth, Isidore Godfrey, Arthur Fiedler

The pleasure of hearing singers in this music who have both the voice and an understanding of the style is considerable...It is good to have these additional items. The synopsis is clear and... More…

2 CDs


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Sullivan, A: The Mikado Overture

Work length7:52
  • Isidore Godfrey
  • D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

Sullivan, A: The Mikado, Act I

Work length43:34
  • Peter Pratt, Jennifer Toye, D'Oyly Carte Opera Company excluding D. Adams, Owen Grundy, Alan Styler, Kenneth Sandford, Beryl Dixon, Thomas Round, Jean Hindmarsh, D'Oyly Carte Chorus
  • D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

"If you want to know who we are... Gentlemen, I pray you tell me"

Track length2:54

"A wandering minstrel, I"

Track length4:27

"Our great Mikado, virtuous man"

Track length2:50

"Young man, despair"

Track length2:54

"And I have journeyed for a month"

Track length0:59

"Behold the Lord High Executioner"

Track length2:22

"As some day it may happen"

Track length1:58

"Comes a train of little ladies"

Track length2:13

"Three little maids from school"

Track length1:26

"So please you sir"

Track length1:56

"Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted"

Track length2:27

"I am so proud"

Track length2:50

Finale - "With aspect astern"

Track length14:18

Sullivan, A: The Mikado, Act II

Work length32:46
  • Beryl Dixon, Jean Hindmarsh, Owen Grundy, Peter Pratt, Kenneth Sandford, D'Oyly Carte Chorus, Thomas Round, Ann Drummond-Grant, Donald Adams
  • D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

"Braid the raven hair"

Track length3:26

"The sun whose rays are all ablaze"

Track length2:36

"Brightly dawns our wedding day"

Track length3:59

"Here's a how-de-do"

Track length1:12

"Miya Sama"

Track length2:59

"My object all sublime"

Track length4:22

"The criminal cried"

Track length3:23

"See how the fates their gifts allot"

Track length2:22

"The Flowers That Bloom In the Spring"

Track length1:22

"Alone, And Yet Alive"

Track length0:48

"Hearts Do Not Break"

Track length1:55

"On a Tree By a River (Tit Willow)"

Track length2:15

"There's a Beauty in the Bellow"

Track length2:07

Sullivan, A: The Mikado, Finale Act II: "For He's Gone and Married Yum-Yum"

Work length2:15
  • D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

Sullivan, A: Overtures

Work length17:46
  • Boston Promenade Orchestra
  • Arthur Fielder

The Pirates of Penzance

Track length7:00

H.M.S Pinafore

Track length3:46


Track length7:00

Sullivan, A: Pineapple Poll, Scene One

Work length13:41
  • Pro Arte Orchestra
  • John Hollingsworth

"Opening Dance" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:38

"Poll's Solo and Pas De Deux" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:35

"Belaye's Solo" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:16

"Pas De Trois" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:12

Sullivan, A: Pineapple Poll, Scene One Finale (arr. C. Mackerras)

Work length4:07
  • Pro Arte Orchestra
  • John Hollingsworth

Sullivan, A: Pineapple Poll, Scene Two: "Poll's Solo and Jasper's Solo" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Work length6:39
  • Pro Arte Orchestra
  • John Hollingsworth

Sullivan, A: Pineapple Poll, Scene Three

Work length13:03
  • Pro Arte Orchestra
  • John Hollingsworth

"Belaye's Solo and Sailor's Drill" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:28

"Poll's Solo" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:08

"Entry of Belaye With Blanche As Bride" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:27

"Reconciliation" (arr. C. Mackerras)

Track length3:00

Sullivan, A: Pineapple Poll, Grand Finale (arr. C. Mackerras)

Work length5:00
  • Pro Arte Orchestra
  • John Hollingsworth