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Hieronymus Praetorius - Magnificats & motets

Hieronymus Praetorius - Magnificats & motets

The Cardinall's Musick, Andrew Carwood

As one expects from Cardinall's Musick, their interpretations are energetic, resourceful and varied, ranging from dramatic story telling in Videns Dominus to exquisite liquidity in the long lines... More…



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Praetorius (H): Magnificats & Motets

Praetorius (H): Magnificat Quarti Toni

Praetorius (H): O Bone Jesu

Praetorius (H): A Solis Ortus Cardine / Beatus Auctor Saeculi

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Praetorius (H): Benedictio Mensae, "Oculi Omnium"

Praetorius (H): Gaudete Omnes

Praetorius (H): Magnificat Secundi Toni

Praetorius (H): O Vos Omnes

Praetorius (H): Laudate Dominum

Praetorius (H): Videns Dominus

Praetorius (H): Oratio Dominica, "Pater Noster"

Praetorius (H): Magnificat Quinti Toni; Joseph, Lieber Joseph Mein; In Dulci Iubilo

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