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JS Bach: Great Solo Works, Vol.1

JS Bach: Great Solo Works, Vol.1

Rosalyn Tureck (piano)

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Tureck Plays Bach

Prelude & Fugue In B-Flat Major, BWV 866 -I. Prelude

-II. Fugue

Aria & TEN Variations In The Italian Style, BWV 989 -I. Aria

-II. Variation 1

-III. Variation 2

-IV. Variation 3

-V. Variation 4

-VI. Variation 5

-VII. Variation 6

-VIII. Variation 7

-IX. Variation 8

-X. Variation 9

-XI. Variation 10

Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue, BWV 903 -I. Fantasia

-II. Fugue

Capriccio On The Departure Of A Beloved Brother, BWV 992 -I. Friends Gather And Try To Dissuade Him...

-II. They Picture The Dangers Which May...

-III. The Friends' Lament

-IV. Since He Cannot Be Dissuaded, They Say...

-V. Aria Of The Postilion

-VI. Fugue In Imitation Of The Postilion's Horn

Fantasia In C Major, BWV 919

Adagio In G Major, BWV 968

Toccata Adagio & Fugue In D Major, BWV 912 -I. Toccata

-II. Adagio

-III. Fugue