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A Garland For Persteigne

Twelve New Songs Celebrating the Welsh Border

Gillian Keith (soprano), Simon Lepper (piano)



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Brown, J F: Words (comp. John Francis Brown)

Work length4:32
  • Simon Lepper, Gillian Keith, James Francis Brown

McCabe, J: Two Gladestry Quatrains: Gwaithla Brook

Work length1:02
  • Simon Lepper, Gillian Keith, John McCabe

Cefn hir (comp. John McCabe)

Work length1:32
  • Simon Lepper, John McCabe, Gillian Keith

Wings of Grasses (comp. Hilary Tann)

Work length3:11
  • Simon Lepper, Hilary Tann, Gillian Keith

A Perfect View (comp. Rhian Samuel)

Work length4:02
  • Simon Lepper, Rhian Samuel, Gillian Keith

My Paradise Garden (comp.Geraint Lewis)

Work length9:01
  • Simon Lepper, Geraint Lewis, Gillian Keith

Shropshire Hills (comp. John Joubert)

Work length3:40
  • Simon Lepper, John Joubert, Gillian Keith

The Buzzard (comp. Cecilia McDowall)

Work length2:45
  • Simon Lepper, Cecilia McDowall, Gillian Keith

Nettles (comp. Michael Berkeley)

Work length3:23
  • Simon Lepper, Michael Berkeley, Gillian Keith

Tall Nettles (comp. Michael Berkeley)

Work length2:41
  • Simon Lepper, Michael Berkeley, Gillian Keith

For a Wine Festival (comp. David Matthews)

Work length2:58
  • Simon Lepper, David Matthews, Gillian Keith

Red Kite Flying (comp. Adrian Williams)

Work length2:55
  • Simon Lepper, Adrian Williams, Gillian Keith