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Boulez: Sur Incises, etc.

Jean-Guihen Queyras & Hae-Sun Kang

Ensemble Intercontemporain, Pierre Boulez

Boulez directs stunning performances of three of his most listener-friendly works. The vitally rhythmic Sur Incises evokes parallels with Stravinsky's Les noces and Anthèmes 2, for violin and... More…

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Boulez: Sur Incises

Work length37:12
  • Dimitri Vassilakis (Piano), Hideki Nagano (Piano), Florent Boffard (Piano), Frédérique Cambreling (Harp), Sandrine Chatron (Harp), Marianne Le Mentec (Harp), Vincent Bauer (Percussion), Daniel Ciampolini (Percussion), Michel Cerutti (Percussion)
  • Pierre Boulez

Moment I

Track length14:10

Moment II Track at ciff.1 of part II

Track length23:02

Boulez: Message(s) for cello solo and six cellos

Work length8:34
  • Jean-Guihen Queyras (Cello)
  • Ensemble De Violoncelles De Paris
  • Pierre Boulez

Très lent - ciff.1

Track length3:03

Très rapide - ciff.4

Track length1:58

Sans tempo libre - ciff.8

Track length2:57

Aussi rapide que possible - ciff.10

Track length0:36

Boulez: Anthèmes 2

Work length20:24
  • Hae-Sun Kang (Violin), Andrew Gerzso (Electro-Acoustic Realization)

Lent - / I Libre

Track length0:42

1. Très lent - I / II Libre

Track length1:15

2. Rapide, dynamique - II / III Libre

Track length2:30

3. Lent - III / IV Libre

Track length1:52

4. Agité - IV / V Libre

Track length2:05

5. Trés lent - V / VI Libre

Track length1:31

VI-1 Allant

Track length2:21

VI-2 Calme, régulier

Track length5:19

VI-3 Calme

Track length2:49