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 Offer,Dowland: Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares

Dowland Consort, Jakob Lindberg


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Dowland: Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares

Work length29:12
  • Dowland Consort

I. Lachrimae Antiquae

Track length3:54

II. Lachrimae Antiquae Nouae

Track length3:51

III. Lachrimae Gementes

Track length3:47

IV. Lachrimae Tristes

Track length4:47

V. Lachrimae Coactae

Track length3:33

VI. Lachrimae Amantis

Track length4:36

VII. Lachrimae Verae

Track length4:44

Dowland: Mr. Henry Noell his Galiard

Work length3:09
  • Dowland Consort

M. Henry Noell his Galiard (14)

Track length3:09

Dowland: The Earl of Essex's Galliard

Work length1:22
  • Dowland Consort

The Earle of Essex Galiard (12)

Track length1:22

Dowland: Mr. George Whitehead his Almand

Work length1:31
  • Dowland Consort

M. George Whitehead his Almand (21)

Track length1:31

Dowland: Mr. lohn Langtons Pauan

Work length4:37
  • Dowland Consort

M. lohn Langtons Pauan (10)

Track length4:37

Dowland: M. Giles Hobie’s Galliard

Work length1:25
  • Dowland Consort

M. Giles Hoby his Galiard (15)

Track length1:25

Dowland: The King of Denmark, His Galliard

Work length2:01
  • Dowland Consort

The King of Denmarks Galiard (11)

Track length2:01

Dowland: Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral

Work length6:30
  • Dowland Consort

Sir Henry Umptons Funerall (9)

Track length6:30

Dowland: Mr. Bucton's Galiard

Work length1:45
  • Dowland Consort

M. Bucton's Galiard (19)

Track length1:45

Dowland: Mrs Nichols' Almain

Work length0:57
  • Dowland Consort

Mistresse Nichols Almand (20)

Track length0:57

Dowland: Semper Dowland Semper Dolens

Work length6:18
  • Dowland Consort

Dowland: Mr. Thomas Collier his Galiard with two trebles

Work length1:21
  • Dowland Consort

M. Thomas Collier his Galiard with two trebles (17)

Track length1:21

Dowland: Captain Digorie Pipers Galliard

Work length1:28
  • Dowland Consort

Captaine Piper his galiard (18)

Track length1:28

Dowland: Sir John Souch His Galiard

Work length1:28
  • Dowland Consort

Sir Iohn Souch his Galiard (13)

Track length1:28

Dowland: Mr. Nicho Gryffith his Galiard

Work length2:29
  • Dowland Consort

M. Nicho Gryffith his Galiard (16)

Track length2:29