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Virtuoso in the Making




Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Biber: Violin Sonata in A Major "Pastorella", C. 106 (1)

Work length5:12
  • Ricordo

Biber: Sonata in E Major

Work length11:26
  • Ricordo

I. Adagio

Track length4:48

II. Aria and Variation. Adagio

Track length6:38

Biber: Sonata à 3 per 2 violini e trombone, C. App 117

Work length6:38
  • Ricordo

Biber: Fantasia

Work length14:29
  • Ricordo, Matthew Wadsworth

I. [...]

Track length4:36

II. Gigue - Variation. Minuet

Track length2:17

III. Passacagalia

Track length7:36

Schmelzer: Violin Sonata in A Major "Pastorella", C. 106 (2)

Work length4:06
  • Ricordo

Biber: Violin Sonata in C minor, C. 107

Work length12:58
  • Ricordo

Biber: Sonata in A Major

Work length12:57
  • Ricordo

I. Adagio - Presto

Track length5:32

II. Aria and Varation

Track length7:25