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Robert Dean Smith (Tristan), Irene Theorin (Isolde), Robert Holl (König Marke), Jukka Rasilainen (Kurwenal), Ralf Lukas (Melot), Michelle Breedt (Brangäne), Clemens Bieber (Junger Seemann), Arnold Bezuyen (Hirt) & Martin Snell (Steuermann)

Bayreuther Festspiele Chorus & Bayreuther Festspiele...

As in all great stagings - and I have no doubt that this is one - a list of unforgettable links between text, music and action soon accumulates. It's hard to know where to point the awards finger... More…


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All full HD live recordings taken from the 2009-2011 Mahler celebration at Amsterdam Concertgebouw

Ricarda Merbeth (soprano) & Bernarda Fink (mezzo soprano), Bernarda Fink (mezzo soprano), Miah Persson (soprano), Christine Brewer (soprano), Camilla Nylund (soprano), Maria Espada (soprano), Stephanie Blythe (mezzo), Mihoko Fujimura (alto), Robert Dean Smith (tenor), Tommi Hakala (baritone),...

All these performances bear the stamp of the man on the podium...but the set's most positive and absorbing quality is its paradoxical focus on the orchestra, and in this composer above all, who... More…

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Renée Fleming (Ariadne/Prima Donna), Robert Dean Smith (Bacchus/The Tenor), Sophie Koch (Komponist), Jane Archibald (Zerbinetta), Eike Wilm Schulte (Musiklehrer), René Kollo (Haushofmeister), Kevin Conners (Brighella), Steven Humes (Truffaldino), Lenneke Ruiten (Echo), Christina Landshamer (Naiad),...

Fleming as Ariadne is at her most opalescent; Robert Dean Smith, no god to look at...matches her for vocal ardour. The three nymphs are first rate...Thielemann, slightly over-loving at times,... More…

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Ricarda Merbeth (soprano), Daniela Sindram (mezzo-soprano), Robert Dean Smith (tenor) & Gunther Groissbock (bass)

Choeurs de l’Opera National de Paris & Orchestre de l’Opera National de Paris, Philippe Jordan

An impressive account of ‘The Nine’ from the forces of the Paris Opera, one that certainly has its place among a strong set of modern filmed cycles. More…

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Franz Hawlata (Hans Sachs), Michael Volle (Sixtus Beckmesser), Michaela Kaune (Eva), Klaus Florian Vogt (Walther Von Stolzing), Norbert Ernst (David), Carola Guber (Magdalene), Artur Korn (Veit Pogner), Markus Eiche (Fritz Kothner), Friedemann Röhlig (Ein Nachtwächter), Charles Reid (Kunz Vogelgesang),...

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