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Showing 1 - 10 of 146 results
Showing 1 - 10 of 146 results
  • Emmanuel Bonnardot, Ensemble Obsidienne


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  • Due for digital release on 26th Apr 2024

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  • The world of classical guitar music

    Turibio Santos (guitar), Óscar Cáceres (guitar), Konrad Ragossnig (guitar, lute), Hanni Widmer (organ), Duo Pomponio-Zárate (guitar), Maxence Larrieu (flute), Lucien Debray (oboe), Lily Laskine (harp), Henri-René Pollin (saxophone), François-Joel Thiollier (percussion), Barbara Polasek (guitar), Leo...

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  • Instrumental music from ancient Christian, Jewish and Muslim Spain, medieval Italy and Morocco, Israel, Persian Afghanistan and the ancient Ottoman Empire.

    Driss El Maloumi (oud), Dimitris Psonis (santur, saz), Yair Dalal (oud), Pedro Estevan (darbouka, tambor, pandereta, riq-gunga), Khaled Arman (rubâb), Osman Arman (tulak flute) & Seiar Hashimi (tablas & zirbaghali)

    Jordi Savall (viola, rebab, lira, director)

    While some of the pieces could almost have emanated from the Celtic fringe, others speak from the deep heart of Islam. There are some wonderfully eloquent oud and santur solos, and much implied... More…



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  • CD


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  • Medieval Lais & Cantigas From France & Spain

    Malandança, Francisco Luengo

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  • Thaïs St. Julien (soprano)

    New Orleans Musica da Camera

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  • Manseliña

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  • Ensemble Micrologus (early music ensemble), Patrizia Bovi

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  • Chœur de l'abbaye Notre-Dame de Tamié, Carmina Sacra, Diabolus in Musica, Ensemble Discantus, Brigitte Lesne, Coralie Amedjkane, Laurence Pottier, Ensemble Athénaïs, Hiroko Nakayama, RIAS Kammerchor, Hans-Christoph Rademann, Daniel Reuss, Cappella Amsterdam, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian...

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