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  • Marina Comparato (Adriano), Lucia Cirillo (Emirena), Annamaria Dell’Oste (Farnaspe), Nicole Heaston (Sabina), Stefano Ferrari (Osroa) & Francesca Lombardi (Aquilio Tribuno)

    Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone (conductor) & Ignacio García (director)

    Top marks go to conductor and director for giving the music space to breathe. The vocal cast is almost uniformly brilliant. The tension between unbridled feeling and duty's constraints - a tension... More…




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  • Juan Francisco Gatell (Polidoro), Laura Polverelli (Flaminio), Marina De Liso (Giustina), Sonia Yoncheva (Agata) & Serena Malfi (Ferdinando)

    Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone (conductor) & Michal Znaniecki (stage director)

    The recitatives are crisp, witty and delivered at a rate of knots. The production and staging are tight too...[the singers are] technically absolutely rock solid and terrific actors but never... More…



    Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days

  • Francesca Ascioti (Dori), Rupert Enticknap (Oronte), Federico Sacchi (Artaserse), Francesca Lombardi Mazzuli (Arsinoe), Emoke Barath (Tolomeo), Bradley Smith (Arsete), Pietro Di Bianco (Erasto), Alberto Allegrezza (Dirce), Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone

    The exhilarating Innsbruck production made few concessions to historical staging, but worked brilliantly...The Innsbruck Festival assembled a strong cast to bring the opera home, all of whom... More…



    Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days