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Roman Hoffstetter (Composer)

Born: 24th April 1742, Weikersheim, Germany

Died: 21st June 1815, Miltenberg, Germany

Nationality: German

Roman Hoffstetter was a classical composer and Benedictine monk who also admired Joseph Haydn almost to the point of imitation. Hoffstetter wrote "everything that flows from Haydn's pen seems to me so beautiful and remains so imprinted on my memory that I cannot prevent myself now and again from imitating something as well as I can."

In 1965, the musicologist Alan Tyson (with H.C. Robbins Landon) published the finding that the entire set of six String Quartets long-admired as Haydn's Op. 3, including the Andante cantabile of No. 5 in F Major known as Haydn's Serenade, were actually by Roman Hoffstetter. Further discoveries have purported to establish Hoffstetter's authorship of the first two of the six quartets, but not the other four.

Little is known about his early training or life, though it is likely that he came from a musical family.

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