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Silvestro di Ganassi (Composer)

Born: 1st January 1492, Venice, Italy

Died: 1565, Italy

Nationality: Italian

Silvestro di Ganassi dal Fontego, also given as Sylvestro di Ganassi dal Fontego, Silvestro Ganasi dal Fontego, and Silvestro dal Fontego was a Venetian musician and author of two important treatises on instrumental technique.

His first treatise covers recorder playing: Opera intitulata Fontegara (Venice, 1535). His second (in two volumes) is about the viola da gamba: Regola Rubertina (Venice, 1542) and Lettione Seconda (Venice, 1543). They cover both technicalities of playing and the subtleties of expression. There is also guidance on ornamentation—passaggi.