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Robert Casadesus (Composer)

Born: 7th April 1899, Paris, France

Died: 19th September 1972, Paris, France

Nationality: French

Robert Casadesus was a renowned 20th-century French pianist and composer. He was the most prominent member of a distinguished musical family, being the nephew of Henri Casadesus and Marius Casadesus, husband of Gaby Casadesus, and father of Jean Casadesus. The preferred pronunciation of his last name is "Kah-zah-deh-su" with a silent final "s." Per live interview ca. 1970 of Robert Casadesus by announcer Bill Agee of KKHI-AM-FM San Francisco during a live San Francisco Symphony concert, Mr. Casadesus indicated that he pronounced his name as it is pronounced in Spanish, Kah-sah-deh'sus, final s pronounced.

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