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Alexander Vasilyevich Mosolov (Composer)

Born: 11th August 1900, Kiev, Ukraine

Died: 11th July 1973, Moscow, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Alexander Vasilyevich Mosolov was a composer of the early Soviet era, known best for his early futurist piano sonatas, orchestral episodes, and vocal music.

Mosolov studied at the Moscow Conservatory and achieved his greatest fame in the Soviet Union and around the world for his 1926 composition, Iron Foundry. Later conflicts with Soviet authorities led to his expulsion from the Composers' Union in 1936 and imprisonment in the Gulag in 1937. Following an early release, which had been argued for by his Conservatory teachers, Mosolov turned his attention to setting Turkmen and Kyrgyz folk tunes for orchestra. His later music conformed to the Soviet aesthetic to a much greater degree, but he never regained the success of his early career.

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