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Daniel Batchelar (Composer)

Born: 16th March 1572, Aston Clinton, Bucks. UK

Died: 29th January 1619, Kent, UK

Nationality: British

Daniel Bacheler, also variously spelt Bachiler, Batchiler or Batchelar, was an English lutenist and composer. Of all the English lutenist-composers, he is now credited as probably being the most successful in his own lifetime.

Bacheler was born in the Buckinghamshire village of Aston Clinton, a son of Richard Bachelor and his wife Elizabeth (née Cardell). He served an apprenticeship with his uncle, Thomas Cardell, who was a lutenist and dancing-master in the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

He worked for Sir Francis Walsingham, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, and finally as a groom of the privy chamber for Queen Anne of Denmark, consort of James I.

At the royal court he composed some fifty lute pieces. These included a number of pavans, galliards, almaines and fantasies, including a set of variations on the popular tune "Monsieurs Almaine".

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