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Dimitri Arakishvili (Composer)

Born: 11th February 1878, Vladikavkaz, Russia

Died: 13th August 1953, Tbilisi, Georgia

Nationality: Georgian

Dimitri Arakishvili (Georgian: დიმიტრი არაყიშვილი) was a Soviet and Georgian composer and ethnomusicologist considered one of the founding fathers of modern Georgian music. He was also known by his Russified name Dimitry Ignatyevich Arakchiev (Russian: Димитрий Игнатьевич Аракчиев).

Born in Vladikavkaz, Terek Oblast, Russian Empire (now North Ossetia, Russia), he graduated, in 1901, from the School of Music and Drama operated by Moscow Philharmonic Society where he was tutored by Alexander Gretchaninov and Willem Kes. In addition he graduated from the Moscow Archaeological Institute in 1917. He helped found the Moscow People's Conservatory and offered free musical classes in Arbat Square in 1906.

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