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 Announcement, New Tax rules on EU physical orders from 9th November 2021


As of now (16:45 GMT - 9th November 2021), the prices displayed on physical goods for our EU customers once again include VAT (taxes). This is based on your delivery country and should allow orders to be delivered straight to your door without any further additional taxes or clearance fees being charged.

How much will I be charged?

The amount of the tax payable will depend on how the items are classified for VAT in your country. We work this out automatically based on the item and the delivery country selected (indicated by the flag shown in the top left corner of the website (or within the menu on mobile)). All prices shown now include the relevant VAT for the items and your delivery country. If you change the delivery country the prices will change if the tax rates between the countries are different.

How do I see a breakdown of the amount of tax paid?

A breakdown of the amount of tax paid by item is visible immediately post checkout by clicking on the "Download your order receipt (PDF)". This can be accessed any time via the 'My Account' section of the website.

Are there any limits or exceptions I should be aware of?

The scheme we are using is called IOSS (Import one-stop shop) and applies to all packages sent to customers in EU countries up to the value of €150 (value of goods excluding taxes and shipping). We will part-ship orders above this value to keep each package below this limit. Any individual items priced above €150 are not eligible for this scheme. We are looking into a good solution for these, but in the meantime if you order any such items we will refund the VAT paid, and then ship the item by the previous 'VAT-unpaid' method. You will then be liable to pay the VAT at the time of delivery plus additional clearance fees levied by the carrier.

Orders already placed but not yet delivered

Any orders placed prior to 4pm GMT - 9th November 2021 will not have had any tax collected. These will therefore be subject to the previous method where tax (and clearance fees) will be collected at the time of delivery. Full details of that and the likely fees due are detailed here.

VAT on Download orders

Since 2015, under the VAT MOSS scheme we already collect VAT on Download orders at the rate determined by your country (based on your IP address) and this is remitted to your country's tax authority. Therefore, nothing changes with regard to downloads.