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 Announcement, Wishlist and accounts features added to the Presto website

We're excited to let you know about some great new features added to the Presto website over the last few weeks: updates to our customer accounts, including the ability to view your order history, and a wishlist.

We'll be continuing to add new features to the site in the future, so keep an eye out for further updates. Please do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions about the site.


At the top of every page, you'll now see a 'My account' link (like the image to the right). You can click on this to sign in to an existing account or set up a new one, using your email address and password. If you've bought downloads from us before you'll already have an account, so simply enter your current log-in details. If you've never bought a download from us, but would like to be able to sign in to access your order history and wishlist, you'll need to create an account - even if you've ordered from us before.

Once you've confirmed your account and signed in you'll be able to access your order history, downloads, and account settings using the links on the left-hand side of the page. In the new order history section you can see summary information about any existing or previous orders, and access further details of each order (including the items you ordered and our estimated despatch date). Any downloads you've purchased will be available in the downloads section as usual. Go to account settings to update your email address or password.

When you're signed in and using the site, we'll save your basket to your account - so you'll now be able to sign in on different computers or devices, and still access the basket you've put together.


You'll also now see a 'Wishlist' link at the top of every page, like the one to the right, and a small star icon next to the title of every item across the Presto website. To add something to your wishlist, simply click on the star outline next to the product title on any page. The star will then turn yellow and the product will appear on your wishlist page.

If you've already put something in your basket, but would like to save it for later, simply click on the 'Move to wishlist' link underneath the item in your basket (which will show once you've signed into your account). The product will be removed from your basket and appear instead in your wishlist.

To see your full list of 'starred' items, just click on the Wishlist link at the top of any page. You can then add any items directly to your basket (from the list view) or visit the product page to find out more, read reviews or listen to samples. When you purchase an item it will automatically be removed from your wishlist, but only once you've completed checkout.