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New,The Songs of Jean Sibelius: Poetry, Music, Performance

  • Author: Djupsjöbacka, Gustav



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  • 1. Wrestling with the text
  • 2. Sibelius and the poems of the idealistic realist Runeberg
  • 3. Idle wishes and summer nights
  • 4. Diamonds and tears - Runeberg's contemporaries in Finland
  • 5. Longing for the eternal - 19th-century poets from Sweden
  • 6. Realism and emerging symbolism
  • 7. Solace of the harp, song to my tongue - other 19th -century poets in Sweden
  • 8. Rapid riders and hoodwinked women
  • 9. Betrayal, urbanity and decadence
  • 10. O, kämst du doch!
  • 11. A last Kalevala excursion Appendix List of Sibelius's songs by opus number Alphabetical list of Sibelius's songs without opus numbers Alphabetical list of Sibelius's songs by English title Alphabetical list of Sibelius's poets Text of the two lost so