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British Royal and State Funerals: Music and Ceremonial since Elizabeth I

  • Author: Range, Matthias
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  • Introduction: British Royal and State Funerals and their Music
  • Heraldic Heyday: From Elizabeth I to the Duke of Rothes (1603-1681)
  • 'Postscript to an era'?: Charles II and Mary II (1685 and 1694/5)
  • Private Royals and Public Heroes: From William III to the Duke of Marlborough (1702-1722)
  • The 'Concert Funerals': From Queen Caroline to George II (1737-1760)
  • Public Heroes and Private Royals: From Pitt the Elder and Lord Nelson to Queen Adelaide (1778/1806-1849)
  • Apogee and Royal Retreat: From the Duke of Wellington to Prince Albert Victor and William Gladstone (1852-1892/98)
  • Imperial Farewells: From Queen Victoria to Winston Churchill and the Duke of Windsor (1901-1965/72)
  • The Royal Return to the Public: From Lord Mountbatten to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1979-2002)
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography