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The Renaissance Reform of Medieval Music Theory

Guido of Arezzo between Myth and History

  • Author: Mengozzi, Stefano



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  • Introduction: Guido's hexachord: old facts and new questions
  • Part I . Guidonian Solmization in Music Theory and Practice:
  • 1. Guido's musical syllables: conflicting views from modern historiography
  • 2. Inside the gamut: Guido of Arezzo and Hermannus Contractus on the major sixth
  • 3. Hands off! Singing without syllables in the Middle Ages
  • 4. The making of a system: medieval music semiotics in transition
  • Interlude: All hexachords are 'soft'
  • Part II . Reforming the Music Curriculum in the Age of Humanism:
  • 5. Back to the monochord: church reform and music theory in the 15th century
  • 6. Normalizing the humanist: Johannes Gallicus as a 'Follower of Guido'
  • 7. Gafori's hand: forging a new Guido for a new humanist culture
  • 8. Hexachordal theory and deductive method in Gioseffo Zarlino's Dimostrationi harmoniche (1571)
  • Epilogue: Discarding the Guidonian image of early music
  • Bibliography.