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Music in 1853: The Biography of a Year

Music in 1853: The Biography of a Year

  • Author: MacDonald, Hugh
Hugh Macdonald's 'biography of a year' is positively postmodern in the way it dissolves its documentary sources into a smoothly running narrative that relishes and thereby transcends the archaic... More…



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  • Foreword
  • Brahms Leaves Home, April - May
  • Berlioz and Spohr in London, May - July
  • Brahms and Liszt in Weimar, June
  • Wagner and Liszt in Zurich, May - July
  • Berlioz in Baden-Baden and Frankfurt, July - August
  • Joachim and Brahms in Goettingen and Bonn, July - September
  • Liszt in Frankfurt, Weimar and Carlsbad, July - September
  • Wagner in St Moritz and La Spezia, July - September
  • Liszt in Karlsruhe, September - October
  • Schumann and Brahms in Dusseldorf, September - October
  • Liszt, Wagner and Berlioz in Paris, October
  • Berlioz, Joachim and Brahms in Hanover, October - November
  • Brahms, Berlioz and Liszt in Leipzig, November - December
  • The Schumanns in Holland and Hanover, November - February
  • Afterword