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Universal Edition

Universal Edition (Publisher)

Universal Edition was founded in 1901 in Vienna. Today, Universal Edition's catalogue encompasses over 30,000 items and is inseparably linked with the great composers and musical developments of the 20th and 21st centuries. Some of the most notable composers include Boulez, Cerha, Wellesz, Schnyder, Baltakas, Lentz, Sawer, and Foerster.

Recent Best Sellers: Universal Edition

  • Igudesman Aleks: Magical Spells
    Sheet Music: $20.50
  • Tango Passion
    Score 2VCL
    Sheet Music: $20.00
  • Igudesman Aleks: Fasten Seatbelts
    Sheet Music: $33.00
  • Bartók, Béla: 44 Duets Band 1
    Score 2VLN
    Sheet Music: $21.25
  • Cassadó Gaspar: Suite
    Sheet Music: $20.00
  • Bartók, Béla: Sonata
    Sheet Music: $26.00
  • Dowland John: Dowland Lachrimae Pavan & Fantasy Gtr
    Sheet Music: $14.50
  • Satie Erik: Clarinet Album
    Sheet Music: $25.50
  • 34 pièces pour flûte seule
    Sheet Music: $22.75
  • Vocal Score
    Sheet Music: $13.00
  • Igudesman Aleks: Beethoven & More
    Sheet Music: $22.75
  • Janácek, L: From the House of the Dead (New Critical Edition)
    Study/Miniature Score
    Sheet Music: $102.25