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 New,Howard Goodall's Songs from the Musicals for Female Voice

  • Composer: Goodall, H

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  • There She Goes (Bend it Like Beckham) (Howard Goodall)
  • The Chances Are (Girlfriends) (Howard Goodall)
  • Day Follows Day (The Hired Man) (Howard Goodall)
  • Miss Hardcastle’s Wedding (The Kissing Dance) (Howard Goodall)
  • The Dreaming (The Dreaming) (Howard Goodall)
  • Not Ideal (The Stunners’ Opera) (Howard Goodall)
  • The Sorrow of My Fate (Two Cities) (Howard Goodall)
  • Lorca (Days of Hope) (Howard Goodall)
  • Glorious (Bend it Like Beckham) (Howard Goodall)
  • The Same Sun Shines (A Winter’s Tale) (Howard Goodall)
  • Nocturnes (Love Story) (Howard Goodall)
  • Days of Hope (Days of Hope) (Howard Goodall)
  • If I Could (The Hired Man) (Howard Goodall)
  • Wake Me, O Wake Me (Girlfriends) (Howard Goodall)
  • The Tyranny of a Lie (A Winter’s Tale) (Howard Goodall)
  • The Kissing Dance (The Kissing Dance) (Howard Goodall)
  • There I Will Be (Anna Karenina) (Howard Goodall)