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 Quantity Deal,Anthems for SA and Men

9 Anthems for Sopranos, Altos, and Unison Men

  • Composer: Archer, M
  • Composer: Bullard, A
  • Composer: Chilcott
  • Composer: Helvey, Howard
  • Composer: McDowall, C
  • Composer: Quartel, Sarah
  • Composer: Smith, Alan

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  • Smith: Alleluia, sing to Jesus
  • McDowall: Bless to me this day
  • Archer: Faith, hope, and love
  • Quartel: Fill your hearts with joy and gladness
  • Bullard: From the break of day
  • Chilcott: I lift my eyes
  • Helvey: O God, you speak your beauty every hour
  • Bullard: Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore him
  • Chilcott: This day