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Fiddle Time Scales 1, revised edition

Pieces, puzzles, scales, and arpeggios

  • Composer: Blackwell, David
  • Composer: Blackwell, Kathy

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  • D major: Finger tips
  • D major: Low D, High D, and A in between
  • A major: Super sprinter
  • A major: Step, skip, jump!
  • G major: Follow me
  • G major: Ring my number
  • G major: Fast food
  • G major: What's in your sandwich?
  • A natural minor: French carol
  • E natural minor: French carol
  • E natural minor: Somerset folk song
  • C major: Accelerator
  • C major: Double Decker
  • A major: Sweet Betsy from Pike
  • F major: Two little angels
  • F major: Knock, knock!
  • B flat major: French folk song
  • D harmonic minor: Theme from Mahler's First Symphony
  • D harmonic minor: In orbit
  • A harmonic minor: Old man of Peru
  • G harmonic minor: Haunted house
  • G harmonic minor: Le Tambourin (Rameau)
  • D melodic minor: I gotta play those fiddle blues
  • D melodic minor: Shalom Chaverim
  • A melodic minor: We walk a narrow way
  • A melodic minor: Escalator cha-cha
  • G melodic minor: A bit of Bach (J. S. Bach)
  • G melodic minor: Mean street chase
  • Natural minors: Zum gali, gali
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