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 Quantity Deal,Voiceworks 2: A Further Handbook for Singing

  • Composer: Hunt, Peter

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  • 3-way Cannon Blues [Brant, Henry]
  • Ah, Robin, Gentle Robin [Cornysh, William]
  • Alleluia [Boyce, William]
  • Bad Moon Rising [Fogerty, John]
  • Banaha [Traditional]
  • Ba-nu-wa [Trad]
  • Barbara Ann [Fassert, Fred]
  • Be Cool [Chilcott, Bob]
  • Black Is The Colour [Trad]
  • Blue Moon [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]
  • Boom, Chicka Boom [Anon]
  • Cantate Domino [Ruppel, Paul Ernst]
  • Chicka-hanka [Trad]
  • Dodi Ii [Israeli Love Song]
  • Eighteen Hammers Standin' [Trad]
  • Everywhere We Go [Trad]
  • Fine Knacks For Ladies [Dowland, John]
  • Freedom Train [Trad]
  • Generation Gap [Marsh, Linda]
  • Go Down Moses [Spiritual]
  • Green, Green [Arr. Angela Bennett]
  • Hari Coo Coo [Indian Lullaby]
  • Hashivenu [Uri, Meir Ben]
  • I Want To Be Ready [Spiritual]
  • Janie Mama [Trad]
  • Jazz Gloria [Anon]
  • Listen To The Lambs [Spiritual]
  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall [Marsh, Linda]
  • Mweya M'tsvene Uyai Pano [Trad]
  • Ndi Jesu Chete [Trad]
  • O Hush Thee My Baby [Trad]
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • One Of These Fine Mornings [Spiritual]
  • Pastime With Good Company [After Henery Viii]
  • Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agreable?
  • Sarana [Trad]
  • She Died, She Died! [Anon]
  • She Moved Through The Fair [Trad]
  • Shoshone Love Song [Emerson, Roger]
  • Si' Down, Servant! [Gospel Song]
  • Sloop John B [Traditional]
  • Somagwaza [Trad]
  • Sto Me [Trad]
  • The Battle Of Jericho [Spiritual]
  • The Hand-jive [Redding, Rosemary]
  • The Storm Is Passing Over [Gospel Song]
  • There Was A Young Woman Of Ryde [Anon]
  • There's A Girl I Love [Anon]
  • Trampin' [Spiritual]
  • Tris Kopelles Lijeres [Trad]
  • Wayfarin' Stranger [Spiritual]
  • Yenamanoa [Trad]
  • Zion Me Wan' Go Home [Traditional]