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String Orchestra

String Orchestra

A String Orchestra is an orchestra made up entirely of String instruments, on a much larger scale than string ensemble. A large number of classical composers have written for string orchestra including W. A. Mozart, Franz Josef Haydn,Béla Bartók, Benjamin Britten, and Felix Mendelssohn. Also, a large number of pieces have been arranged for string orchestra (as a reduced version of the full orchestra).

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  • Schubert, arr. Mahler: Der Tod und das Mädchen
    Score STR ORCH
    Sheet Music: $22.00
  • Dvorák, Antonín: Serenade for String Orchestra in E major op. 22
    Full Score STR ORCH
    Sheet Music: $28.75
  • Tchaikovsky: Serenade C-Dur op. 48
    Score STR
    Sheet Music: $30.25
  • Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony For String Orchestra
    Study/Miniature Score STR ORCH/STR 4TET
    Sheet Music: $20.50
  • Edvard Grieg: From Holberg's Time Op. 40
    Full Score STR ORCH
    Sheet Music: $27.25
  • Dimitri Shostakovich: Kammersinfonie Opus 110A
    Score ORCH
    Sheet Music: $28.75
  • Béla Bartók: Divertimento BB 118
    Full Score STR ORCH
    Sheet Music: $34.50
  • Béla Bartók: Music for String Instruments, Percussion and Celesta BB 114
    Full Score STR/PERC/CEL
    Sheet Music: $85.25
  • Hartmann, K A: Concerto funebre
    Study/Miniature Score VLN/STR ORCH
    Sheet Music: $21.25
  • Fiddle Tunes
    Score and Parts STR 4TET or ORCH
    Sheet Music: $18.50
  • Copland, A: Concerto for Clarinet
    Sheet Music: $53.00
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings no. 1 D minor BWV 1052
    Full Score HPSCD/STR
    Sheet Music: $28.25
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