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Steve Reich (Composer)

Born: 3rd October 1936, New York, U.S.A

Nationality: American

Stephen Michael Reich is an American composer known for his contribution to the development of minimal music in the mid to late 1960s.

Recent Best Sellers: Reich

  • Reich, S: Mallet Quartet HPS 1305
    Study/Miniature Score 2VIB/2MAR
    Sheet Music: $34.75
  • Steve Reich: Phase Patterns
    Sheet Music: $36.75
  • Steve Reich: Runner
    Study/Miniature Score ENS
    Sheet Music: $36.00
  • Reich, S: Duet HPS 9839
    Study/Miniature Score 2VLN/STR ENS
    Sheet Music: $24.75
  • Reich, S: Pulse
    Study/Miniature Score WIND/STR/PF/BGTR
    Sheet Music: $39.50
  • Reich, S: Quartet
    Set of Parts 2VIB/2PF
    Sheet Music: $46.75
  • Steve Reich: Quartet
    Study/Miniature Score 2VIB/2PF
    Sheet Music: $26.00
  • Reich, S: Cello Counterpoint
    Study/Miniature Score 8VCL
    Sheet Music: $26.00
  • Reich, S: Cello Counterpoint HPS 0667
    Study/Miniature Score VCL/TAPE
    Sheet Music: $26.00
  • Reich Steve: Clapping Music
    Sheet Music: $16.00
  • Reich, S: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ HPS 1295
    Study/Miniature Score MALLET/VCE/ORG
    Sheet Music: $32.75
  • Reich, S: Triple Quartet
    Study/Miniature Score STR ENS
    Sheet Music: $41.50