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Jonty Harrison (Composer)

Born: 27th April 1952, Scunthorpe, UK

Nationality: British

Jonty Harrison is an electroacoustic music composer born 27 April 1952 in Scunthorpe, UK, and currently living in Birmingham, UK.

Jonty Harrison studied with Bernard Rands at the University of York, graduating with a DPhil in Composition in 1980. Between 1976 and 1980 he lived in London, working at the National Theatre (where he produced the tape components for many productions, including Tamburlaine the Great, Julius Caesar, Brand and Amadeus) and City University. In 1980 he joined the Music Department of The University of Birmingham, where he was Professor of Electroacoustic Composition, as well as Director of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) and the Electroacoustic Music Studios; for ten years he was Artistic Director of the department's annual Barber Festival of Contemporary Music. He has played an active role in musical life, making conducting appearances with the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (most notably conducting Stockhausen's Momente in Birmingham, Huddersfield and London), the University New Music Ensemble and the University Orchestra (most recently in Stravinsky's Le sacre du printemps and Vic Hoyland's Vixen). He was a Board member of Sonic Arts Network (SAN) for many years .



Ensembles & Scores

Recent Best Sellers: Harrison, Jonty

  • Jonty Harrison: Tremulous Couplings
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  • Jonty Harrison: Paroles Plus Hérétiques
    Score SOP/ENS
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  • Jonty Harrison: Paroles Hérétiques
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    Score BR 5TET
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    Score SATB
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  • Jonty Harrison: Sons Transmutants/Sans Transmutant
    Score BR ENS
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  • Jonty Harrison: Q
    Sheet Music: $19.75
  • Jonty Harrison: Hammer & Tongs - Score
    Score STR 4TET
    Sheet Music: $12.00
  • Jonty Harrison: Concerto Caldo
    Score 2VLN/HARP
    Sheet Music: $18.25
  • Jonty Harrison: Hammer & Tongs - Parts
    Set Of Parts STR 4TET
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  • Jonty Harrison: Abstracts - Score
    Score ORCH
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