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Igor Feodorovich Stravinsky

Igor Feodorovich Stravinsky (Composer)

Born: 17th June 1882, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Died: 6th April 1971, New York

Nationality: Russian

Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky was a Russian composer, pianist and conductor, later of French (from 1934) and American (from 1945) citizenship. He is widely considered one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century.

Stravinsky's compositional career was notable for its stylistic diversity. He first achieved international fame with three ballets commissioned by the impresario Sergei Diaghilev and first performed in Paris by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes: The Firebird (1910), Petrushka (1911), and The Rite of Spring (1913). The last transformed the way in which subsequent composers thought about rhythmic structure and was largely responsible for Stravinsky's enduring reputation as a revolutionary who pushed the boundaries of musical design.

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