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Undisonus / Ineo

Terje Rypdal (unknown), Terje Tonnesen (viola), Carl Hogset (chorus director), Grex Vocalis (chorus)

Christian Eggen

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Rypdal: Undisonus For Violin And Orchestra, Op.23

Work length21:41
Album only
Album only
  • Terje Rypdal, Terje Tonnesen (viola)
  • Royal Philharmoic Orchestra, London
  • Christian Eggen
  • Recorded: 1986-09-30
  • Recording Venue: St. Peter's Church, Morden

Rypdal: Ineo For Choir And Chamber Orchestra, Op.29

Work length18:29
Album only
Album only
  • Terje Rypdal, Carl Hogset (chorus director)
  • The Rainbow Orchestra, Grex Vocalis
  • Christian Eggen
  • Recorded: 1987-11-30
  • Recording Venue: Rainbow Studio, Oslo