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Fortay Reeds (Brand)

Founded in 2004, Fortay Reeds comprises a team of 2 professional oboists, Stephen Forbes and Lara Taylor, each with over 25 years' experience manufacturing reeds independently. Fortay Reeds have built an impressive international reputation for producing some of the finest oboe reeds and highest-quality gouged and shaped cane available. All Fortay Reeds are hand-crafted and they pride themselves on quality and consistency. They are played worldwide by students and amateurs alike and even some professional oboists. Several leading professional players recommend Fortay oboe reeds for their pupils.

Woodwind Accessories

Popular Products: Fortay Reeds

Fortay Cor Anglais Reed
Cor Anglais Reed: $28.00
Fortay Oboe D'Amore Reed
Oboe d'Amore Reed: $28.25
Fortay Oboe Reed Academy
Oboe Reed: $20.50
Fortay Oboe Reed Purple M
Oboe Reed: $24.75
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