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Beginner's Guides, Take up the trumpet

Portable, lightweight and characterized by its striking, triumphal sound, the trumpet does a splendid work, single-handedly giving expression to heroism and jubilation.

But which trumpet is best for beginners?

The first trumpet is always difficult to choose: unlike other musical instruments (guitars, basses or drums), it’s not easy to understand when a cheap trumpet is also a poor-quality instrument. They all look the same, don’t they?

For this reason and in order to help you make your decision, our brass specialists have looked through the range of instruments on offer and have identified the Yamaha trumpets as the top starter trumpets which offer a good compromise between affordable prices and good quality.

Yamaha is well known for the highest quality materials and construction methods, so you can be sure to have a trusted brand in your hands.

The trumpets get the best lines, but they are probably one of the most difficult instruments to play: the Yamaha are easy to use, with an ultra-responsive lighter bell. This is just one of the perks that the Yamaha trumpet makers have redesigned to put the player first. And this is a feature that we, at Presto Music, very much like.

Yamaha Trumpet YTR-2330 – the perfect trumpet for students and beginners

Available as gold lacquer or silver-plated, the 2330 trumpets are incredibly popular with beginners and the cheapest Yamaha trumpet on the market. They produce a rich sound and accurate intonation, making them simple to play from (almost) the first note. This model is portable, lightweight and ready to take to band practice. Children can dream big, adults can show off.

All YTR2330 models benefit from a redesigned lighter bell which is based on the needs of students for easy response. At Yamaha, they design instruments with an emphasis on ergonomics so that they offer beginners optimum support thereby greatly assisting learning, progress and creativity.

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Yamaha Trumpet YTR-3335 – Student trumpet with a twist

The only Yamaha student trumpet with a reversed main tuning slide, this trumpet allows for an exceptional feel and response, enabling easy blowing and smooth and comfortable feel in playing.

The YTR-3335 has the addition of a brace on the main tuning slide for a more stable and solid sound. The newly designed two-piece yellow brass bell has the perfect parameter for the needs of a student. It has a light response and the ideal thickness of two-piece yellow brass bell making it easy for students to get started and develop a brilliant tone.

One of the most expensive student trumpets, but it is well worth the extra money.

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What is a reversed tuning slide of a trumpet?

A normal main tuning slide has inner slide for both sides. But a reverse main tuning slide has outer slide for the side where the slide meets the leadpipe. In other words, the inner slide is on the leadpipe. The reverse tuning slide construction basically eliminates the step where the pipe connects to the main tuning slide, making the air move more freely and preventing gaps in the air column.

Yamaha Trumpet YTR-4335GII – Intermediate trumpet, ideal for the developing musician

The golden lacquer YTR-4335GII and silver-plater 4335GSII feature a two-piece gold brass bell with a thickness of metal that has improved both sound and playability and that can produce a richer, wider range of tonal colours. Durable yet light, this trumpet is a great for those players looking to take their performance to the next level. A real step forward from beginner instruments and at a reasonable price: a real bargain!

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Whatever instrument you choose, you can relax knowing that, with Yamaha, you’re getting the best instruments to learn, progress and inspire. And if you are looking for help or simply where to buy Yamaha Trumpets, here at Presto Music we are available to guide you through the instruments on offer and make your purchase even easier.

If you are instead looking for an even more affordable starter trumpet, maybe a first instrument for a kid, you might want to have a loot at our guide to pBone plastic instruments.

How to clean Yamaha trumpets?

A well-maintained trumpet can easily outlast its owner and be enjoyed by multiple generations. There are dozens of guides online and videos you can follow through, and they will teach you how you should be cleaning your trumpet after every practice, every week, month and year. However, from our perspective, the most important aspect is the products you will use, so don't forget also to check out our wide selection of cleaning and maintenance products to keep your instrument in full working order.