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 Beginner's Guides, Best Flutes for Beginners

FlutesWith so many different options out there, it can be a daunting task trying to choose which model to purchase for your first instrument as a beginner. Our expert staff have looked through the range of instruments on offer, and selected our top three starter flutes in order to help you make your decision. Have a look at our choices below, or click here to view our entire range of flutes, including popular brands such as Yamaha, Trevor James, Jupiter, Odyssey, and more.

Don't forget also to check out our flute accessories, including cases & bags, instrument stands, and a wide selection of cleaning and maintenance products to keep your instrument in full working order. Finally, once you have made your choice, you will need some music to play! Visit our sheet music department in order to browse and purchase from our catalogue of over 21,000 flute titles, including solo & ensemble repertoire, studies, scales & sight-reading, and tuition books.

Our Top Three Starter Flutes

Yamaha flutes have a good reputation for a reason. They are known for their exceptional quality, design, and consistency meaning that a Yamaha flute is a reliable choice for beginners. The YFL-212 model has been created specifically with the beginner in mind. The lip plate is designed to guide beginners towards correct breath utilisation and the keys are ergonomically placed, helping with the balance and playability of the instrument. The flute even has pointed key arms on the non-fingered keys which helps improve precision and responsiveness. Pointed key-arms are usually only seen in more intermediate to advanced flutes so they are a great addition to a beginner flute. The YFL-212 will last you throughout the majority of your music grades making it a great investment.

Also available with a curved headjoint for younger players, or a solid silver lip-plate for a richer and improved tone.

A popular choice for beginners, the Trevor James 10x has won the MIA's 'UK's Best Woodwind Instrument Award' three times! This flute is great value for money, and is another reliable choice for starting to learn the instrument. Trevor James use high quality materials which means that their flutes are comfortable to play but also versatile, allowing students to learn at a quicker pace than they might do on other instruments. The TJ10x features a shaped lip plate and riser which makes it very easy to play, and allows for an immediate and free blowing sound. The .925 silver used on the lip plate and riser improves the flute's tonal range and creates a rich, warm sound. Another unique feature of Trevor James flutes is the triple-plated finish on their tubing. The nickel tubing is copper-plated, and then two subsequent layers of silver-plate are added making the flute extremely durable, and adding to its resonant sound. A perfect choice for beginners.

Also available with an additional curved headjoint for younger players.

The Jupiter JFL-700EC Flute is another excellent choice for beginner flautists. The JFL-700EC offers good intonation and control throughout the registers, and the crafted nickel silver body is durable, helping to create a full, warm sound. This flute also features plateau keys which aid in fingering, and a silver lip riser, which is something not often seen in beginner flutes and improves the tone quality even further. The upgraded design of the Genesis headjoint and lip plate make the flute more comfortable to play than other student flutes, and the lip is specially formed which helps with embouchure placement, allowing for a more expressive and open tone quality. The offset G is also perfect for beginners, as this is more comfortable on the hands, and helps reduce any tension from practice. A durable, comfortable, and great sounding instrument.

Also available with a curved headjoint for younger beginners.