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Budget CDs featuring great performances by internationally renowned artists.

Encore is the budget label from EMI Classics. The label now contains 235 titles, all carefully selected from the rich EMI archive featuring internationally renowned artists of the finest calibre. The repertoire selection is wide and varied, offering a selection of core works that one would expect but also some more intriguing, esoteric titles that will appeal to a wide cross section of classical music buyers – from the beginner to the musical connoisseur. There are many titles available for the first time at budget price, offering unbeatable value for money. All the recordings are of the finest quality and have earned great critical acclaim.

Encore has a fresh, modern design that is both eye-catching and clear in presentation. The CDs feature one of two very famous trademarks – either the much loved Dog and Trumpet or `Nipper’ as he is affectionately known or the legendary `Angel’ showing a little cherub seated on a disc, the oldest recording trademark in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Registered in 1898, it has long been associated with quality and prestige and has accompanied many of EMI’s landmark recordings. The booklets contain entertaining, anecdotal notes on The Music, The Composer and The Artist. Other Encore titles are featured in the booklets so that collections can be built up easily.

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