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A Musical Picture - up to 30% off

Until 26th August 2019, we're offering discounts of up to 30% off all discs on selected labels - almost 2,000 titles in total (please note that discounts do not apply to downloads).

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Philippe Do (Amadis), Katia Velletaz (Oriane), Pierre-Yves Pruvot (Arcalaüs), Hjördis Thébault (Arcabonne), Liliana Faraon (Urgande/Une Coryphée)

Solamente Naturali, Musica Florea, Didier Talpain

Didier Talpain directs his Czech-Slovak period orchestra with real dramatic flair, Bach's Gluckian ostinatos crackle and spit as one scene tumbles urgently into the next. The predominantly Francophone... More…

2 CDs

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Chantal Santon (Laméa), Philippe Do (Démaly), André Heyboer (Olkar), Mathias Vidal (Rustan / Un Chef indien), Katia Velletaz (Ixora / Première Bayadère), Jennifer Borghi (Divané / Deuxième Bayadère), Mélodie Ruvio (Dévéda / Troisième Bayadère), Frédéric Caton (Le Brame Hydérane), Thomas Bettinger...

Throughout the first act the music is invariably charming, but it rarely escapes the niceties of late 18th-century opera comique...Nevertheless the work is well served by this CD...This is an... More…

2 CDs + Book

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Paul Badura-Skoda (piano)

Musica Florea

The pianist takes full advantage of his 1790 Johann Schantz Viennese instrument, conjuring up ravishing harp-like sonorities and sustain-pedal effects that will make you want to hear the A major... More…


($14.50) $10.25

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