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Offer,Ernst von Dohnányi: Concertos - Variations On A Nursery Song

Sofja Gulbadamova (piano), Silke Aichhorn (harp), Andrei Ioniţă (cello), Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rehinland-Pfalz, Modestas Pitrenas

In all three concertos the solo playing is magnificent. Modestas Pitrenas and the orchestra accompany with enthusiasm, but ensemble is sometimes uncertain and the sound in some louder tuttis... More…
  • Gramophone Magazine
    March 2022
    Editor's Choice
  • International Classical Music Awards
    Nominated - Concerto


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Dohnányi: Variations on a Nursery Tune, Op. 25

Work length25:42
  • Sofja Gülbadamova
  • Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Modestas Pitrėnas

Introduction. Maestoso

Track length3:36

Theme. Allegro

Track length1:00

Var. 1, Poco più mosso

Track length0:39

Var. 2, Risoluto

Track length0:32

Var. 3, L'istesso tempo

Track length1:35

Var. 4, Molto meno mosso

Track length1:12

Var. 5, Più mosso

Track length1:11

Var. 6, Ancora più mosso

Track length0:42

Var. 7, Walzer. Tempo giusto

Track length2:25

Var. 8, Alla marcia

Track length1:31

Var. 9, Presto

Track length1:55

Var. 10, Passacaglia. Adagio non troppo

Track length4:07

Var. 11, Choral. Maestoso

Track length1:59

Finale fugato. Allegro vivace

Track length3:18

Dohnányi: Concertino for Harp & Orchestra, Op. 45

Work length15:10
  • Silke Aichhorn
  • Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Modestas Pitrėnas

I. Andante

Track length7:03

II. Allegretto vivace

Track length3:51

III. Adagio non troppo

Track length4:16

Dohnányi: Konzertstück in D Major for Cello & Orchestra, Op. 12

Work length26:56
  • Andrei Ioniţă
  • Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Modestas Pitrėnas

I. Allegro non troppo

Track length6:40

II. Adagio

Track length7:00

III. Tempo I

Track length13:16