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FLIGHT: Migration Music Part 2

Ivalas Quartet, Lara Downes, The Knights (chamber ensemble)

No digital booklet included


Simon, Carlos: Warmth from Other Suns

Work length6:02
  • Ivalas Quartet

II. Flight

Track length6:02

Burleigh, H T: From the Southland

Work length3:41
  • Lara Downes

I. Through Moaning Pines (Arr. for Piano by Lara Downes)

Track length1:49

II. In the Cold Moonlight (Arr. for Piano by Lara Downes)

Track length1:52

Montgomery, J: Starburst

Work length3:12
  • Arr. for Chamber Ensemble by Jannina Norpoth
  • The Knights