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Christoph Croisé (cello)



Due for release on 27th Aug 2021

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Sollima: Concerto Rotondo For Solo Cello

Work length15:29
  • Christoph Croisé

I. Lento con libertà

Track length3:26

II. Allegro

Track length4:06

III. Yafù

Track length3:57

IV. Allegro

Track length4:00

Ligeti: Sonata for Cello solo

Work length7:50
  • Christoph Croisé

I. Dialogo

Track length3:58

II. Capriccio

Track length3:52

Christoph Croisé: Spring Promenade

Work length4:12
  • Christoph Croisé

Péter Pejtsik: Stonehenge

Work length4:26
  • Christoph Croisé

Kodály: Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 8

Work length30:34
  • Christoph Croisé

I. Allegro maestoso ma appassionato

Track length8:07

II. Adagio (con grand espressione)

Track length10:55

III. Allegro molto vivace

Track length11:32

Sollima: Alone

Work length5:03
  • Christoph Croisé

Thomas Buritch: Some Like To Show It Off

Work length3:46
  • Christoph Croisé